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Metering Lead

Job Description

Working onboard an FPSO on a 3 on 4 off rotation. However there will be a requirement for a 3 on 3 off rotation at the start of the assignment for a period of 6-9 months

The Metering Lead is primarily responsible for the safe and efficient functioning of all Metering and Sampling Systems. Additionally the Metering Lead is responsible for providing support and assistance to the Instrument Department with regard to ongoing planned and corrective maintenance.

Job Description


The Metering Lead is responsible to the Maintenance Superintendent for:

  • Ensuring the compliance and continual operation of all fiscal, allocation and environmental measurement, sampling and analysis systems.
  • Ensure that all measurement and test equipment is in good working order, certified for use and fit for purpose, free from defects.
  • Performing planned and corrective maintenance and corrective on Fiscal, Allocation & environmental measurement, sampling and analyser systems.
  • Handling and preparation meters, analytical equipment and secondary instrumentation for recertification or verification at certified calibration facilities.
  • Provide data and calculations any mismeasurements that have occurred and require correction.
  • Maintaining operational documentation to allow the operator to demonstrate to auditors and third-party verifiers that the assets measurement systems are being operated and maintained to the required legal and contractual standards.
  • Accompany any third-party vendor when providing support to work relating to metering systems.
  • Update of data within flow transmitters and flow computers on completion of data review.
  • Review all alarms associated with the metering systems, and provide solutions.
  • Management of gas chromatograph ensuing calibration gas is appropriate for the current gas composition.
  • Ensure sampling systems are configured according to the process conditions.
  • Installing, maintaining, troubleshooting, repairing and calibrating all instrumentation installed on the installation.

Instrumentation support

  • Repairing and calibrating all fire and gas systems.
  • Repairing and maintaining all electronic control systems.
  • Regularly inspecting the Instrumentation system to ensure correct operation of the equipment, associated with the DCS, F&G and ESD systems including portable equipment.
  • Direct liaison with Kongsberg for technical assistance as and when required. A;H
  • Implementing and following through of Planned Maintenance routines and Corrective Maintenance work orders from the Maximo Maintenance Management System (MMS) for all instrumentation.
  • Ensuring all applicable (installations) equipment adheres to intrinsically safe codes of practice.
  • Maintaining operational effectiveness of computer LAN (Local Area Networks) on-board installation.
  • Efficient and economic use of spare equipment and administration of Maximo Maintenance Management System (MMS).
  • Safety and Environmental Critical Activities
  • Ensuring functionality of F&G, ESD and DCS systems
  • Calibration of process level transmitters
  • Electronic work in hazardous areas
  • Maintenance and Calibration of Oil in Water Monitors.
  • Maintenance of DCS
  • Completing all Training as directed by the company including Onboard Familiarisation.
  • Ensuring continuous compliance with the Bluewater competency assessment procedure.
  • Carry out ATEX inspections as directed. A;G;H
  • Performing tasks in a safe and responsible manner.
  • Stand in as Instrument Lead as required.

Safety and Environmental Critical Activities

Desired Qualities / Qualifications

Education & experience


  • Combined Offshore Survival, Fire Fighting and HUET Certificate
  • Oil & Gas UK Offshore Medical Certificate
  • Recognised certificate in Instrumentation/Electronics
  • Consultant(s)

    Claire or Natalie

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