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Production Technician

Job Description

The Production Technician is responsible to the Production Supervisor / Production Lead for:

Starting up and operation of the following systems as required by the Production Supervisor / Production Lead

  • Oil Production System
  • Chemical Injections System
  • Produced Water System
  • Drains System
  • Service Systems
  • Nitrogen System
  • Gas Compression system
  • Gas Dehydration Unit
  • Fuel Gas System
  • Water Injection System
  • Utilities

Making adjustments to well production/well streams with client consent.

Monitoring the correct function of process equipment and instrumentation.

Communicating deficiencies to the Production Supervisor / Production Lead.

Being conversant with Company policies and procedures applicable to the work and perform tasks in a safe and responsible manner.

Carrying out laboratory duties i.e. BS & W samples, analysis of produced water and operate chemical injection pumps.

Handling and storing chemicals in a safe manner together with stock control of bulk and laboratory chemicals.

Adjusting chemical injection pumps, to the optimum operational and cost effective injection rates.

Ensuring correct plant readings are recorded and documented.

Ensuring proper, verbal and written, handover during shift change and end of trip.

Providing Control Room Operations support as directed by the Line Manager.

Ensuring continuous compliance with the competency assessment procedure.

Performing duties within capabilities as directed by the Line Manager.

Stand in as Production Supervisor / Production Lead as required.

Any other duties including housekeeping as directed by the Line Manager.

Application of mechanical isolations in accordance with electronic permit to work system.

Performing first line maintenance activities as directed and in accordance with the maintenance management system.

Compliance with and commitment to:

  • Corporate Management System
  • Operational Safety case
  • Operational procedures and manuals
  • Company Policies and Procedures
  • Environmental Management System
  • Competency Scheme

Performing tasks in a safe and efficient manner.

Desired Qualities / Qualifications


Combined Offshore Survival, Fire Fighting and HUET Certificate

  • Oil & Gas UK Offshore Medical Certificate
  • Approved Awarding Body Certificate in Process Operations or experience
  • Oil & Gas UK Certificate of Fitness to Participate in Emergency Response Team Duties


Offshore production or onshore petrochemical plants

Role Training

Arrival Installation Safety Induction

Electronic Permit to Work Area Authority

Authorised Gas Tester

Isolating Authority

Environmental Awareness

Small Bore Tubing / Fittings

Flange Management MJI10


Oil in Water Analysis Training

Oil in Water Logbook Training

Offshore Lifeboat Coxswain

Offshore Emergency Response Team Member

Gas Dehydration

Produced Water Treatment

Crude Separation

Petroleum Gas Compression

Supplementary Training

DCS Basic

DCS Empirical

CRO Coaching & Assessment

  • Consultant(s)

    Natalie or Claire

  • Vacancy ID


  • Job Type


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